Project Area
Completed Projects
Supported by Project
MISEREOR, Germany (1987 – till now) Promotion of self reliant and self sustaining people’s federation for social transformation/New thrust programme
IGSSS, Germany (1990 – 1996) Promotion of Community Health
Manos Unidas, Spain (1993 – 1998) Promotion of Women Development
Caritas Italiana (1995 – 2000) Sustainable Agriculture & Fishing for the Marginalised
Caritas Sweden (1995) Assistance for Increased Training Facilities
BILANCE, Netherlands (1996 – 2000) Promotion of Peoples Organisation
Andheri Hilfe, Germany (1995 – 1997) Promotion of Community Health
Caritas Germany (1995) TASOSS Documentation & Research Construction and Coady Course
MISSIO (1995 – 2005) Formation & Orientation for the Priest and Nuns involved in Social Action

Training for the Religious Personnel

Purchase of specialized books

Aide a l’Enfance de Inde, Luxembourg (1996 – 1998) Extention of Library of TASOSS

Publishing Booklets People Issues

Cordaid, The Netherlands (1999 – 2003) Regional Animation Fund

Promotion of self reliant and self sustaining people’s federation for social transformation/New thrust programme

Leioa Munduaren Aide, Spain (1999 – 2001) Computerized Print Service & Housing for TASOSS staff
Caritas India (1997 – 2004) Administrative Set up of TASOSS
Irish Aid, Ireland (2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                           – 2009)



Micro credit program: Enhancing economic power of marginalized and system creation of DSSSs have been taken care of through this program.
Caritas India  (2006 – 2012) CMDRR (Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction Program) : Capacities of the communities to reduce the risk of the disasters in emergency and ordinary situations through effective technical support of the 7  DSSS (Coastal areas) in TamilNadu .
Parishes in Brighton of Arundel and Brighton Diocese, UK (2007)


Vocational Training centre: Computer application training especially DTP training conducted to poor students with the self support. This program was approved by state employment.
HIV AIDS – Alliance India

(2007 to 2011)

CHAHA  (Children and HIV/AIDS, Health and Happiness for all):  The goal of the project was to reduce the HIV related morbidity and mortality among children their families and also to address the impact of HIV on children.
CRS – Chennai (2007 – 2008) CRS – SURAKSHA Program: Women and Children development initiatives. TASOSS worked in related with the problems of domestic violence, Women and Children and unsafe migrants.
CRS, Chennai (2008 – 2010) Forum for co-ordination, Monitoring & Linkage Activities.
Katholische Krchgemeinte, Emen (2008) Panchayatraj Institution
Caritas India (2009 – 2010) SOA II
Caritas India (2012 – 2013) IDEA:  Integrated approach to Development through Empowerment Action, TASOSS capacities DSSSs through need based training in strengthening the systems and structures of the DSSS.
Caritas India (2013 – till now) Integration and Capacity Building for Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation:  Promoting the regional forum as a Resource Agency in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry by strengthening the theme desks such as Project planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, documentation and Advocacy for Resource Mobilisation.