Tamil Nadu Social Service Society (TASOSS) is an official organization of the Tamil Nadu Catholic Bishops Conference for JUSTICE, PEACE and DEVELOPMENT and state level/regional fora for strengthening the works of Diocesan Social Service Societies (DSSSs) in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. TASOSS Started as an apex body to coordinate, facilitate, train and document the development initiatives of all the DSSSs, it has been changing its social intervention strategies and focus from animation, mobilization to empowerment processes and then to strengthening people’s movements and forming federations.

Formation stage: (1979 – 1989)

In the aftermath of unprecedented floods in 1977 that called for massive relief and rehabilitation works a State level coordination body was formed to respond to the disaster. Two years later a need for a state level forum to coordinate and facilitate the animation and development works across Tamil Nadu was felt and TASOSS was formed as a society and obtained legal entity on 4th May1979. Full time office started its operations in 1983 and official recognition by Justice Peace Development Commission and started giving lots of trainings to the member societies. The team members were trained and exposed on development concepts practically and theoretically through professional organizations.

Institutional Building: (1989 – 1999)

Subsequently Tamil Nadu Women Federation (TWF) was formed in 1996, as a result of the movement building process initiated by TASOSS. Basic systems and policies were

Introduced and strengthened which enabled TASOSS to establish a Non-formal Training Center (NFTC) to train the youth. Documentation, Research and evaluation have become major tasks of TASOSS in this decade.

Organizational Development: (1999 -2009)

TASOSS also focused on Organizational Development initiatives establishing itself as a Resourceful state level forum and started a monthly journal called “Manitha Membadu” as a part of documentation. Much awaited New Thrust program launched with the support of MISEREOR in 1999 which was focusing on promotion of self reliant and self-sustaining people’s federation for social transformation. Efforts were taken along with the support of the DSSSs in Reorganization of existing People’s Organizations, Increasing members, Savings & Credit activities, Formation of federations, Strengthening federations, capacity building, creating linkages, mobilizing resources, Formation of Regional Resource Team, Consolidation of women, farmers and fisher-folk federations & converting to CBOs, Formation of Regional Resource Support Organization in Sustainable livelihood promotion and Rights based approach in the next one decade.

Strengthening /Federating the CBOs and Venturing into New Vistas

TASOSS in this decade focused more on Formation of Regional Resource Support Organization in Sustainable livelihood promotion and Rights based approach. TASOSS also slowly was changing its face as a complete professional resource and research organization and coordinated and facilitated a couple of important studies collaborating with Don-Bosco Social Action Research center (DBSARC) on Baseline study for 19 DSSSs and Participative action research on Alcoholism its impact in the families of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with the coordination of TWF. TASOSS also redefined its Alliance building and Networking strategies and ethos of TASOSS was improved within the team and its stakeholders and started aligning with national and state level Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).