TASOSS has a long history of involvement with the lives and aspirations of the marginalized people and communities – especially of women across all these communities. The strong presence of Community Based Organizations and supportive Civil Society Organizations provides opportunities for collaborative and networking strategies so that TASOSS can synergize its efforts and create greater impact on the society. [TASOSS as an apex body has 27 Diocesan Social Service Societies (DSSSs) in all the Districts of Tamil Nadu mobilized 2 lakhs women from the Dalit, Tribal, Fishing, agriculture sector formed into 7886 Self Help Groups (SHGs). TASOSS with the leaders of SHGs facilitated and formed 173 block and 28 district federations and was raised to a state federation named TAMIL NADU WOMEN FEDERATION (TWF)].
TWF plays a critical role in livelihood promotion and addressing EcoSoC issues. Also, it entails the capacity to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively. They have slowly meta-morphed into platforms for joint reflection for collective action for protecting & promoting their individual & collective development rights.